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This is a quick review that will go over the newest BBCOR bats manufactured by Louisville Slugger and Combat. Louisville Slugger is one of the most trusted and longest lasting bat companies. Conversely, Combat has been helping Baseball Players perform since 1994.


Combat 2016 Maxum

Combat has engineered the all-New MAXUM to give you up to 20 – 40% more hitting surface than the competition without compromising swing weight and feel.

Precision Molded Technology
Precision Molding Technology – Uses computer-controlled tooling to define both outer and inner barrel diameters with precision control and accuracy.

Seamless Construction
Seamless Construction – Refers to thousands of continuous strands of fiber which run through the length of the bat from knob to end cap. There are no cuts, slices or “weak spots.”

• 20-40% more hitting surface when compared to competitors models
• Longest barrel in the industry
• Lowest allowable swing weight by rule
• 2 5/8″ composite barrel
• Ultra balanced feel
• Ultra-Premium Lizard Skin Grip
• Made in Canada

Louisville Slugger 2016 Prime 916

2016 Prime 916


Maximum SPEED. Extreme POWER. Ultimate BALANCE. Get your bat to the zone fast and get maximum pop with the Prime 916. Its premium patent pending FCS (Fused Carbon Structure) composite handle and barrel, patented TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer technology, and three-piece construction give the PRIME 916 a lighter swing weight ensuring maximum control, a massive sweet spot with extreme barrel flex, and dramatically reduced vibration compared to other bats.

• FCS (Fused Carbon Structure) Composite Design
• TRU3 – Explosive Power Transfer
• Three-piece bat construction
• Flex Band barrel technology
• Lizard Skins Grip
• 31/32″ tapered handle

Louisville Slugger 2016 Select 716

Prime 716

Extreme POWER. Crafted to be the next generation of hybrid power, the Select 716 combines Louisville Slugger’s patented TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer technology, and hybrid three-piece construction to deliver powerful performance. This impressive bat features a massive sweet spot, dramatically reduced vibration compared to other bats, a solid feel, maximum barrel flex, and an explosive trampoline-like swing.

• FCS (Fused Carbon Structure) Composite Design.
• TRU3 – Explosive Power Transfer.
• Three-piece bat construction.
• Flex Band barrel technology.
• Lizard Skins Grip.
• 31/32″ tapered handle.

Louisville Slugger 2016 Omaha 516

Omaha 516

Ultimate BALANCE. Maximum CONTROL. With trusted power and championship performance the Omaha 516 is the most proven one-piece bat and most consistent high performance bat in baseball. Made with Louisville Slugger’s exclusive lightweight 7U1 alloy and Flex Band Technology, the Omaha 516 delivers the right mix of undeniable power, a massive sweet spot, superior balance, maximum barrel flex, and a lighter swing weight.

• 7U1 Alloy Design.
• Flex Band barrel technology.
• Lizard Skins Grip.
• 31/32″ tapered handle.


All four of these bats can be found on Baseball Express. Another Great place to shop for bats is Baseball Rampage. Remember to buy the bat that you think you’ll be most comfortable with, not just the most expensive or hyped. Check out our previous review of Sleefs here.

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